Shane Lucas Bailey, an Australian artist, possesses a rich educational background, including a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the prestigious University of Queensland. Furthermore, he has completed an exclusive Diploma in Digital Media, Visual Art & Design at the renowned Enmore Design Centre in Sydney.

As a truly versatile and dynamic artist, Shane Lucas has garnered acclaim for his commercial endeavors, having secured commissions and produced concept art for esteemed clients such as Canon, Porsche, Mattel, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Tatler, and the Hong Kong Government. His exceptional drawing and illustrative skills find expression in diverse creative works, encompassing storyboards, 3D modeling, character design, animation, graphic design, and conceptual illustrations.

Shane Lucas boasts a distinguished career as an art educator in Australia, having served at esteemed institutions including AIPAH (Australian International Performing Arts High School), where he imparted his expertise in digital and traditional visual arts. After relocating to Hong Kong, he has continued to contribute to the field of art education through various avenues. Additionally, he possesses extensive experience as an art educator for children and has taught at art education centers Hong Kong, Australia and Canada. Shane now runs online.

The fulfillment Shane Lucas derives from working with and educating the artists of tomorrow is immeasurable. By shaping the minds and values of children during their crucial developmental stages, he plays a pivotal role in determining the individuals they will become. Mr. Bailey’s warm humor, kind spirit, and well-balanced nature have fostered and sustained relationships across all age groups, from young children to adults.

In his personal artistic practice, Shane Lucas seamlessly merges traditional and digital drawing media with painting. His artworks delve into conceptual themes influenced by his Buddhist beliefs and practice. The production process of his works is often contemplative and meditative, with the subtle craftsmanship gradually revealing itself to the viewer. Many of his pieces offer philosophical perspectives, delving deeply into the human condition and human experience. Through intricate symbolism and nuanced communication, he imparts subtle teachings of the Dharma and insights into life’s experiences. Themes of rebirth, love, compassion, kindness, emptiness, and mortality are gently whispered to those who engage with his art. Furthermore, his creative endeavors are influenced by the inherent beauty of the natural environment and the indigenous cultures he has encountered during his travels. Having resided in Spain, London, and Colombia during his formative years, he brings forth an appreciation for modernity alongside the profound essence of unique Latino culture, which is evident in select works from his oeuvre.